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Industrial Monitor

Rugged Thin Impact Resistant IK10

Industrial Monitors

Your one-stop shop touch technology provider

For more than 20 years we have developed, produced and distributed touch screen technology. We have developed from component supplier to touch screen system supplier with exceptional product and process know-how.

INTERELECTRONIX is all about high-quality custom design industrial grade touch solutions.

PCAP Touch Screen - PCAP Touch Screen a black and white tablet
Reliable PCAP Touch Screen

Our stock range of standard PCAP touch screens from 7" to 55". For particularly high demands in terms of impact resistance, we offer you our very robust IK10 touch screen. High-quality industrial PCAP touch from the specialists at attractive prices.

Touch Screen - Custom touch screen a red and white rectangular sign
Individual and efficient

Custom touch screens based on industry proven solutions. We offer ready-made solutions with details that can easily be modified to your specifications. You reduce your total cost of ownership and drastically shorten your R&D cycle time.

Industrial Monitor - Touch Display a screen shot of a screen

Touch Display

Touch TFT Display Assemblies

Touch display modules are fully assembled assemblies consisting of cover glass, touchscreen and TFT display. We offer these subassemblies completely optically bonded or in the air bonding process. We supply touch display systems in sizes from 0.96" to 55". Perfectly assembled in a clean room for easy further processing.

Industrial Monitor - Industrial Monitor 18mm a black pen on a black surface

Industrial Monitor 21.5"

Just 0.70 inch super slim
Industrial Monitor - Industrial Monitors a screen shot of a tablet
Attractive and intelligent

Our goal was to design unique industrial monitors for tomorrow's industrial machinery and medical devices.

  • With a special design
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Unusually intelligent functionality
  • Excellent price performance ratio

Our monitor platform is a modular system that is easy to customise and still guarantees fast delivery times.

Every industrial monitor is 100% tested and high quality. Design and production by Interelectronix.

Industrial Monitor - Waterproof Touch Screen a water splashing out of a square object

Waterproof Touch Screen

Industrial Monitor - Open frame monitor a screen with a black frame
Flush Integration

Our open frame monitors are easy to integrate into the back of your application with no transition and dirt-collecting edge. The optically bonded display in combination with the high-quality design fits perfectly into modern machine concepts. Our open frame monitor solutions are premium products with high cost efficiency.

Industrial Monitor - IK10 Monitor Rugged a black tablet with a screen showing blue and yellow paint
Impact resistant according to EN62262

The impact-resistance of our rugged monitors reliably complies with the IEC 60068-2-75 and IEC 62262 standards with IK10 glass or 20 Joule bullet impact. We offer proven standard solutions as well as special extremely impact-resistant and robust monitors tailored to your application.

Industrial Monitor - Panel Mount monitor a screen with a black frame
Quick integration

The simple and reliable front-side integration into your application characterises our built-in monitor. Our standard built-in monitors are optically bonded and offer excellent legibility even in demanding environments. High front-side tightness and industrial components in high-quality design are the foundation for your success.

Industrial Monitor - Industrial monitor extreme temperatures a screen on the sand

industrial monitor

Industrial Monitor - Custom industrial monitor a screen shot of a tablet

Custom industrial monitor

Individual touch monitor displays

Discover the almost limitless possibilities and create your own individual industrial monitor that matches your personality and contributes to the expressive appearance of your brand.


  • Bright colours
  • High quality materials
  • Attractive glasses
  • Innovative electronics

There are no limits to your design preferences and your individual realisation.

BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - IMPACTINATOR a silver ball on a rectangular surface


Incredibly rugged glass IK11
Incredibly rugged

Impactinator® glass is a product family of special glasses with exceptionally high impact resistance. The special properties of Impactinator® glass make it possible to implement glass solutions that were completely unthinkable a few years ago.

Our special glass is particularly suitable for touchscreen applications and protective glass. We reliably conform to the safety and vandalism requirements of EN62262 IK10.

Impactinator® glass is ideal for all applications where impact resistance, weight reduction, image quality and absolute reliability play a central role.

Impactinator® Glass - Glass strengthening a glass ball on a black surface

Glass strengthening


Learn about the different types of hardened glass. The advantages and disadvantages of the different glass hardening techniques and unique properties of our chemically hardened Impactinator® glass. Compressed specialised knowledge regarding the topic of hardened glass.

Impactinator® Glass - IK10 glass a drop of water in the air
Vandal-proof protective glass

We achieve the reliable IK10 requirement impact resistance with our Impactinator® glass even without a laminated glass construction. For the bullet impact test according to EN/IEC 62262, we achieve values of more than 40 joules for the central impact on 2.8 mm thin glass and exceed the requirements of the EN 60068-2-75 standard by more than 100%.

Impactinator® Glass - Technical glass a black rectangular object with blue lines

Technical glass

Laser cut bonding assembly

Our range of technical glass covers simple sturdy printed glass as well as high quality technical glass assemblies with optical laminated filters and precision coatings. Our manufacturing and prototyping processes are optimised for high flexibility and cost efficiency.

Impactinator® Glass - Glas FEM Analyse a blue and green rectangular object with a yellow arrow pointing at it


Professional glass development

Development and services for special glass

Professional and reliable

We are specialists in glass solutions and offer you all the important services required for a fast development cycle and reliable series production. We advise you reliably, develop proven glass products and produce prototypes as well as large-scale production.

Our range of services includes:

  • Performing qualifying impact tests
  • Taking over the integration development
  • Adhering to your housing
  • Creating cost-benefit analyses
  • Testing according to your specifications
  • Developing test specifications
  • Advice on materials and technology
  • Offering qualified industrial-grade materials
  • Building prototypes and small-scale production
Glass Impact Resistance - Normen Glass Shock resistance a broken glass with many cracks


Standards for glass impact and impact resistance

Here you will find an overview of important international standards with a focus on glass, in particular impact resistance and impact load. It is important for us to communicate the standards, test setups, and procedures in a clear and simple way. Glass is a material that is very important to us and has not been researched enough. There is a lack of bundled special knowledge about the impact resistance of glass and we want to close this gap.

Interelectronix is a leading producer of touch screen technology with an emphasis on high-quality custom design. We have invested in some of the leading technologies and are committed to producing the highest quality products that are built for industrial suitability.

Professional solutions

The Yocto project provides a flexible set of tools and a space for embedded developers to share technologies, software stacks, configurations, and best practices that can be used to create tailored Linux images for embedded and IOT devices. The project provides a space where embedded developers worldwide can share technologies, software stack, configurations, and Best Practices that can be used for customized Linux images. The document also mentions that when creating a custom Linux image with Yocto for a Raspberry Pi, the user should also show a custom splash screen with a progress bar.

Embedded Software Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Monitor (black) a close up of a circuit board

Software development

Yocto Uboot QT for Raspberry Pi