Custom touch screen
PCAP Touch Screen - Custom touch screen a black tablet with a white screen

Custom touch screen

PCAP touch screen - touch display - industrial touch - display module

Individual touch special solutions

Individual and efficient

As a manufacturer of customised touchscreens, we develop and produce custom touchscreen systems according to customer specifications. For the sectors of industry and medical technology, we offer proven solution concepts that need only be adapted in detail to your individual needs. We have already successfully passed many industry-specific tests and standards. This reduces your development costs and gives you an important time advantage in increasingly agile markets. Trust in the specialist.

Optical Bonding - Optical Bonding: a gray rectangular device with a gold and silver plate
Optical brilliance

Optical bonding is one of our outstanding achievements. We have mastered LOCA wet gluing and OCA bonding extraordinarily well and at very competitive prices. We supply bonded complete systems with optical image sharpness. Touch systems bonded by optical bonding at particularly attractive conditions. See for yourself with a free quote.

Custom Touch Screen - Design a black and white striped pattern



We develop individual touchscreens for you, based on different technologies, materials and design constructions. If required, the touch sensor can be optimally adapted for extremely cost-efficient or high-value applications. As a specialist and touchscreen manufacturer, we advise you competently and reliably.

Privacy Filter

Privacy Filter

The protection of privacy and the associated data protection is becoming increasingly important for touch systems. The wider use of touchscreens also increases the need for privacy-protected touchscreens. Touchscreens with privacy filters are ideally suited for applications in banks, public authorities and pharmacies.

Touch Screen - White Polycarbonate Touch Screen Bonded Medical a black rectangular object with a white border

Touchscreens for medicine

Optically bonded with polycarbonate cover glass
Custom Touch Screen - Seal a close-up of a black square


Stamped, dosed, glued

We measure and punch practical sealing systems for fast and reliable integration into your system. This allows us to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio with excellent sealing up to IP69K. Robot-based processes and proven materials ensure stable processes and consistent quality.

Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective anti-reflective coating

You can expect optimal finishing options for optical anti-reflective coatings from us. We are a complete solution provider for mirrored touch systems. Our standard solutions include sprayed AR anti-reflective coatings as well as AG coatings in the etching process or as burned-in spray coatings. Precisely tailored to your requirements for gloss and scratch resistance.

Custom Touch Screen - RF shields a grid paper with small squares

RF shields

EMC mesh shielding

EMC shielding does not always have to be expensive. We would be happy to develop efficient solutions for you in accordance with the specifications of the relevant standard. We have access to a large portfolio of implemented projects and already offer you many standard solutions without further development effort. Special shielding materials are in stock in our warehouse.

PCAP Touch Screen - Glass Printed Buttons a white rectangular object with circles on it


Vision and design
Custom Touch Screen - Reverse printing a close up of a white and blue logo

Reverse printing

Digital Printing Screen Printing

Today, the modern integration of touch screens is always based on an adhesive bond. However, the adhesive only adheres as well as the ink to the cover glass plate. For this reason, it is very important to optimally match the printing process and the color to the application. We offer you all the important possibilities of digital printing of prototypes via 2K organic printing processes and ceramic ink systems. We have already comprehensively classified many inks and processes, which can save you time and money.

Custom Touch Screen - Cable a close up of a yellow surface


Individual shape and length

Highly integrated modern HMI systems require an optimal cable outlet to save space and costs. As a touchscreen manufacturer, we have full control over the materials used and the structure of our products. We would be happy to develop the optimal cable outlet according to your mechanical specifications. You only define the position of the cable outlet, we implement the optimal solution for you.

Micro glass thickness

Optimum glass thickness

Thin glass thicknesses are necessary in order to optimally adapt a control panel to the requirements. Weight reduction with high shock resistance is a common requirement of the customer. As a glass specialist, we are happy to fulfil this wish with very thin glasses that behave mechanically like PC or PMMA. Unlike plastics, our lenses are far superior in terms of chemical resistance and high scratch resistance.

 - Glass edge round polished printed a close-up of a black and white screen

Glass edge

Round ground polished

Polyester Options


As a touchscreen manufacturer, we offer custom-fit PET POLYESTER to adapt the touchscreen exactly to special optical conditions. We have the best solution for your optical needs. Proven concepts and technologies for indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Touch Screen - Special size a close up of a black and white pattern

Special size

Size from 0.96 inches to 32 inches

Individual touchscreens tailored to your display. The design of new touchscreen sizes is our daily business, which we fulfill quickly, reliably and efficiently. We can quickly create prototypes with touch controller programming if we use a larger touch sensor and reduce the active area. This gives you a very economical solution even for small quantities or prototypes.

Sunlight readability

Polarizing film

Readability in sunshine is a particularly big challenge. In order to be able to offer effective solutions, each project requires individual advice and a detailed understanding of the requirements. We will advise you competently on the type of anti-reflective coating, the appropriate optical bonding process and display selection. As a system supplier, we manufacture an all-inclusive product at attractive costs.


IR Filter Glass Foil

Sun protection is thermal protection. Infrared filters protect your display from overheating and premature failure in demanding applications. We realize IR protective filters as laminated PET FILM or as high-quality, temperature-stable IR protective glass for optimal durability and minimal heat input.

UV protection filter

UV filter lenses and foils

Aggressive UV radiation is an important factor in the rapid aging of display systems. To ensure durable and good readability, surfaces or protective filters should be chosen. We offer proven solutions for demanding outdoor applications.

Impactinator® Glass - Laminated glass a close up of a tablet

Laminated glass

Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Optical bonding of one or more layers of glass significantly increases the impact resistance of touchscreens. Laminated glass with an impact resistance higher than IK11 is a matter of course for us. Glass laminates are ideally suited to bind fragments in the event of glass breakage and to reduce the hazard potential.

PCAP Touch Screen - PCAP Touch Screen a black and white tablet
Reliable PCAP Touch Screen

Our stock range of standard PCAP touch screens from 7" to 55". For particularly high demands in terms of impact resistance, we offer you our very robust IK10 touch screen. High-quality industrial PCAP touch from the specialists at attractive prices.

Industrial Monitor - Custom industrial monitor a screen shot of a tablet

Custom industrial monitor

Individual touch monitor displays

Discover the almost limitless possibilities and create your own individual industrial monitor that matches your personality and contributes to the expressive appearance of your brand.


  • Bright colours
  • High quality materials
  • Attractive glasses
  • Innovative electronics

There are no limits to your design preferences and your individual realisation.

Industrial Monitor - Industrial Monitors a screen shot of a tablet
Attractive and intelligent

Our goal was to design unique industrial monitors for tomorrow's industrial machinery and medical devices.

  • With a special design
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Unusually intelligent functionality
  • Excellent price performance ratio

Our monitor platform is a modular system that is easy to customise and still guarantees fast delivery times.

Every industrial monitor is 100% tested and high quality. Design and production by Interelectronix.