Touch Screen - IK10 Touchscreen a drop of water falling on a clear surface

IK10 touch screen

Rugged impact resistant vandalism-resistant

What is an IK10 touchscreen?

Impact-resistant rugged touchscreen

When installed Impactinator® IK10 touchscreens have impact resistance with severity level IK10 according to standard EN/IEC 62262. The touchscreen resists 20 joules of impact energy on the IK10 test.

Size chart PCAP touch screen

SizeProduct nameAspect ratioGlass thicknessGlass typeLaminateController type
7.0"IX-TP070-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
10.1"IX-TP101-2828-A0116:105.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
10.4"IX-TP104-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
12.1"IX-TP121-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
12.1"IX-TP121-2828-B0116:105.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
15.0"IX-TP150-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
15.6"IX-TP156-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
18.5"IX-TP185-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
19.0"IX-TP190-2828-A015:45.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
21.5"IX-TP215-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
23.8"IX-TP238-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
24.0"IX-TP240-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB


Our IK10 touchscreen must be professionally integrated to achieve optimum performance. Please talk to our specialists in the concept phase. This way, you can achieve maximum performance at minimum costs with a particularly short development cycle. Of course, if you do not want to install the IK10 touchscreen yourself or would like further processing steps, we will gladly take over these services for you.

IK10 Touchscreen

15.6" IK10


Drop height 200 cm

Ball weight 2.00 kg

Glass thickness 2.8 mm

Impact energy 40 Joule

Shock resistance IK protection class

Standard EN 62262 specifies the resistance or impact strength of a piece of electrical equipment against external mechanical stress when exposed to special shocks.

Custom touch screen
PCAP Touch Screen - Custom touch screen a black tablet with a white screen

Custom touch screen

PCAP touch screen - touch display - industrial touch - display module
Individual and efficient

Custom touch screens based on industry proven solutions. We offer ready-made solutions with details that can easily be modified to your specifications. You reduce your total cost of ownership and drastically shorten your R&D cycle time.

Industrial Monitor - Industrial Monitors a screen shot of a tablet
Attractive and intelligent

Our goal was to design unique industrial monitors for tomorrow's industrial machinery and medical devices.

  • With a special design
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Unusually intelligent functionality
  • Excellent price performance ratio

Our monitor platform is a modular system that is easy to customise and still guarantees fast delivery times.

Every industrial monitor is 100% tested and high quality. Design and production by Interelectronix.

Industrial Monitor - IK10 Monitor Rugged a black tablet with a screen showing blue and yellow paint
Impact resistant according to EN62262

The impact-resistance of our rugged monitors reliably complies with the IEC 60068-2-75 and IEC 62262 standards with IK10 glass or 20 Joule bullet impact. We offer proven standard solutions as well as special extremely impact-resistant and robust monitors tailored to your application.

Industrial Monitor - Custom industrial monitor a screen shot of a tablet

Custom industrial monitor

Individual touch monitor displays

Discover the almost limitless possibilities and create your own individual industrial monitor that matches your personality and contributes to the expressive appearance of your brand.


  • Bright colours
  • High quality materials
  • Attractive glasses
  • Innovative electronics

There are no limits to your design preferences and your individual realisation.