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Flexible and creative

An ever faster product life cycle automatically results in an increasingly demanding development process. Since every product development brings its own special challenges with it, flexibility and creativity are the important prerequisites for a modern development team.

Product design Design
Modern and forward-looking

In an increasingly global marketplace with emerging providers, the brand image of a product is becoming an increasingly important momentum in the purchase decision. This applies equally to an industrial market as well as to a consumer market. A consistently applied product design strategy leads to a high recognition value of the product as well as the brand and influences the purchase decision. Product design should therefore be part of the corporate identity and marketing tool kit of an advanced company.

Software  Development



Only very well adjusted controller software allows the versatile multi-touch technology to function without restriction. Thus, functions such as gestures, zooming, sliding and multiple simultaneous touches can be processed smoothly, quickly and without incorrect inputs.

Development process Development

Development process


Product development is more than the technical implementation of a series of specifications. This is all the more true for individually developed HMI systems that are exposed to special environmental conditions, have complex technical requirements, are designed to be strong in design and shape, and are designed to impress with their compelling operating concept.

Electronics development

Electronics development

Professional design
Elektronik Fertigung



A development team with long years of experience develops powerful custom electronics. Our electronics experts stand for methodical approach, multidisciplinary experience, and a high level of competence. Thanks to numerous projects, we can already make reliable forecasts of technological feasibility and estimate the cost framework in the definition phase of HMI systems.

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The design of efficient and cost-effective mechanical components is a challenge we like to face every day. All designers have experience with the mechanical processes and know exactly how a part has to be designed to perform the mechanical as well as the aesthetic function, yet still retain good and efficient manufacturability.


Prototype construction

Professional demonstrators

Interelectronix specialises in the design of custom touch screen HMI. Prototyping plays an important role in the development of special solutions.

Environmental simulation Environmental Testing

Environmental simulation


Environmental conditions have a major impact on the health, reliability and lifetime of HMI systems. Depending on the location of use, HMI devices are subject to considerable chemical or mechanical stress as well as massive temperature fluctuations. Extreme weather conditions, wetness, dust, shocks as well as strong tremors or vibrations occur in many applications sometimes simultaneously, but must have no effect on functionality or reliability.