PCAP Touch Screen - PCAP Touch Screen Multitouch a finger pointing at a screen


Standard sizes from 7.0" to 55"

PCAP Touch Screen

Reliable PCAP Touch Screen

Our stock range of standard PCAP touch screens from 7" to 55". For particularly high demands in terms of impact resistance, we offer you our very robust IK10 touch screen. High-quality industrial PCAP touch from the specialists at attractive prices.

Touch Screen - Multi-touch a finger touching a touch screen


20 finger multi-touch

Our controllers support up to 20 finger multitouch at more than 100 Hz frequency. We are happy to program sophisticated multi-touch algorithms for customer-specific gestures in order to give your HMI an extraordinary unique selling point several times.

PCAP Touch Screen - Touch screen design a machine with a glass panel

Touch screen design


Our standard PCAP touch screens are developed with the DITO sensor design. However, depending on the field of application and requirement we also offer other sensor designs. The following sensor assemblies are possible: glass-glass (GG), glass-film-film & glass-film (GFF/GF), double-sided ITO glass (DITO)

PCAP Controller - PCAP controller a close up of a circuit board

PCAP controller

Single chip controller up to 27"

The high precision paired with outstanding EMC immunity characterises our PCAP touch controller solutions. Due to the high node number, we can achieve a diagonal of 27" with only one touch controller chip display with a node pitch of only 5 mm.

Size chart PCAP touch screen

SizeProduct nameAspect ratioGlass thicknessGlass typeLaminateController type
7.0"IX-TP070-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
7.0"IX-TP070-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOF
7.0"IX-TP070-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
7.0"IX-TP070-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
10.1"IX-TP101-2.5D-A0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
10.1"IX-TP101-450-A0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOF
10.1"IX-TP101-800-A0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
10.1"IX-TP101-2828-A0116:105.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
10.4"IX-TP104-2.5D-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
10.4"IX-TP104-450-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
10.4"IX-TP104-800-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
10.4"IX-TP104-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
12.1"IX-TP121-450-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
12.1"IX-TP121-450-B0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOF
12.1"IX-TP121-800-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
12.1"IX-TP121-800-B0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
12.1"IX-TP121-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
12.1"IX-TP121-2828-B0116:105.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COF
12.1"IX-TP121-2.5D-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
12.1"IX-TP121-2.5D-B0116:102.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOF
15.0"IX-TP150-2.5D-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
15.0"IX-TP150-450-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
15.0"IX-TP150-800-A014:32.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
15.0"IX-TP150-2828-A014:35.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
15.6"IX-TP156-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
15.6"IX-TP156-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
15.6"IX-TP156-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
15.6"IX-TP156-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
18.5"IX-TP185-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
18.5"IX-TP185-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
18.5"IX-TP185-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
18.5"IX-TP185-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
19.0"IX-TP190-2.5D-A015:42.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
19.0"IX-TP190-450-A015:42.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
19.0"IX-TP190-800-A015:42.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
19.0"IX-TP190-2828-A015:45.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
21.5"IX-TP215-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
21.5"IX-TP215-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
21.5"IX-TP215-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
21.5"IX-TP215-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
23.8"IX-TP238-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
23.8"IX-TP238-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
23.8"IX-TP238-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
23.8"IX-TP238-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
24.0"IX-TP240-800-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
24.0"IX-TP240-2828-A0116:95.8 mmImpactinator 8002828COB
24.0"IX-TP240-2.5D-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 800noCOB
24.0"IX-TP240-450-A0116:92.8 mmImpactinator 450noCOB
Touch Screen - IK10 Touchscreen a drop of water falling on a clear surface

IK10 touch screen

Rugged impact resistant vandalism-resistant
Impact-resistant rugged touchscreen

Impactinator® IK10 touchscreens are designed to meet impact resistance with severity level IK10 according to standard EN/IEC 62262. The touchscreen resists 20 joules of impact energy on the IK10 test.

Touch Screen - White Polycarbonate Touch Screen Bonded Medical a black rectangular object with a white border

Touchscreens for medicine

Optically bonded with polycarbonate cover glass
 - Sensor strip PCAP touch screen a black rectangular object with circles


High-quality integrated
Touch Screen - Cable exit chip a close up of a yellow surface

PCAP cable tail

Ideally adapted
PCAP Touch Screen - PCAP Sensor Tuning a graph with a colorful line

Touch-sensor tuning

Perfectly tuned
Impactinator® Glass - Cover Glass a close-up of a remote control

Cover Glass

Touch screen made of glass or plastic

The glass options allow for increased surface resistance. Various processes, such as curing or laminated glass, optimize the impact and scratch resistance and at the same time ensure a high level of transparency of the panel. Polycarbonate (PC) coverslips have a high robustness - impact strength than coverslips and convince with very high resistance in the range of extreme temperatures - especially in the case of thermal shocks. However, PC is not sunlight stable and offers a much lower scratch resistance than our Impactinator® glass.

IK10 Monitor - Touchscreen Robust a drop of water falling on a clear surface

Touchscreen Robust

Durable impact-resistant touchscreen

Our absolute specialty are robust touchscreens for use in demanding applications. Touch solutions that achieve more than IK10 can be implemented for you quickly, comfortably and reliably. Of course, we offer the complete range of services qualifying impact tests, tests and integration concepts. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of robust and impact-resistant touchscreen solutions.