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BS EN IEC 62262

IK impact resistance

EN 62262 IK code table

IK codeIK00IK01IK02IK03IK04IK05IK06IK07IK08IK09IK10IK11
Impact energy (Joule)*

How to do an IK test

IK test execution

In the IK test, an impact element is dropped from a well-defined height with a defined weight and shape onto the test site.

BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - EN 60068-2-75 Testaufbau Freifallhammer a drawing of a pipe
Impact element mass M
Acrylic glass pipe
Drop height h
Test object
Base plate


The EN 62262 standard only specifies the level of impact energy, with the procedure and conditions for the test procedures detailed in standard EN60068-2-75. The following table is NOT in standard EN 62262, but in standard EN60068-2-75.

EN 60068-2-75 Dimensions table of impact elements

IK codeIK00IK01IK02IK03IK04IK05IK06IK07IK08IK09IK10IK11
Impact energy (Joule)*
Drop Heigth (mm)*5680140200280400400300200400500
Mass (kg)*
R (mm)*1010101010102525505050
D (mm)*18.518.518.518.518.518.5356080100125
f (mm)*
r (mm)*61017
l (mm)*Must be adapted to the appropriate mass
Swing hammer*YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Spring hammer*YesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Free fall hammer*NoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Specifications from the standard EN 60068-2-75
* not protected according to the standard
1.Polyamide 85 ≤ HRR ≤100 Rockwell hardness according to ISO 2039/2
2.Steel Fe 490-2 acccording to ISO 1052, Rockwell hardness HRE 80...85 according to ISO 6508
EN 60068-2-75 Dimensions table of impact elements BS EN IEC 60068-2-75

Exponentially increasing requirement

Severity increase

From IK class IK07, the energy gain per level increases by more than 100%. The exponential increase in impact resistance makes the demands on glasses particularly high and places maximum demands on the material and the integration method. Especially in the extremely robust area of IK10 and IK11, where the impact energy ranges from 20 to 50 joules, every detail counts. The correct integration of the glass for optimal impact resistance is an important prerequisite. We offer you proven integration methods at minimal cost.

Impact energy increase IK test

IK classificationImpact energy (J)Energy gain (%)
IK020.2042.86 %
IK030.3575.00 %
IK040.5042.86 %
IK050.7040.00 %
IK061.0042.86 %
IK072.00100.00 %
IK085.00150.00 %
IK0910.00100.00 %
IK1020.00100.00 %
IK1150.00150.00 %

Which IK code to choose

Spoilt for choice: IK07 or IK10?

Basically, as little as possible but as much as necessary, but often the problems are more complex than the mere fulfilment of a norm.

The key question is what else do you want to achieve?

  • Ensure competitive advantage in invitations for tender
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve product lifespan
  • Improve brand image
  • Present technology dominance

We will gladly assist you in resolving these issues and quickly and competently provide you with a cost-benefit analysis.

IK impact energy increase

What is a joule?

Calculate energy IK test

A Joule is a physical unit of energy. In the IK test, you calculate the impact energy by multiplying the height of fall with the weight of the impact element and the number 10.

Impact energy (W) = fall height (h) * weight (m) * 10

Calculation example: 1.00 m drop height * 1.00 kg mass impact element * 10 = 10 joules impact energy 0.50 m drop height * 2.00 kg mass impact element * 10 = 10 joules impact energy

This calculation is not 100% correct, but is a good and fast approximation.

Ball Drop Test Impactionator ULTRA


IK10 glass

Drop height 200 cm

Ball weight 2.00 kg

Glass thickness 2.8 mm

Impact energy 40 Joule

EN 60068-2-75 drop heights

Energy J0,140,20,350,50,7125102050
Total mass kg0,250,250,250,250,250,250,51,75510
Drop height mm ± 1%5680140200280400400300200400500
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Development and services for special glass

Professional and reliable

We are specialists in glass solutions and offer you all the important services required for a fast development cycle and reliable series production. We advise you reliably, develop proven glass products and produce prototypes as well as large-scale production.

Our range of services includes:

  • Performing qualifying impact tests
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  • Creating cost-benefit analyses
  • Testing according to your specifications
  • Developing test specifications
  • Advice on materials and technology
  • Offering qualified industrial-grade materials
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