GFG Touchscreen
Glass Film Glass Touchscreen GFG

Resistive touchscreen responds to pressure

The patented glass film glass construction makes the ULTRA touch screen extremely resistant to water, scratches, blows and other damage. All this ensures a particularly long service life.

ULTRA GFG touchscreens are ideally suited for applications with very adverse conditions.

Resistive ULTRA GFG touchscreen for extreme conditions

The ULTRA touchscreen is a resistive touch technology that triggers pressure-based touch pulses. The patented glass film glass structure of the ULTRA touch screen is extremely

  • resistant to water,
  • Chemicals
  • Scratch
  • Flaps
  • and other damage.

ULTRA GFG Touches are used in various industries such as heavy industry (such as mining, iron and steel), military or automation technology.

Resistive touchscreen robust and universally operable

The patented glass film glass construction gives the ULTRA touchscreen its unique resistance.

The outer micro glass layer makes the ULTRA GFG touchscreen absolutely waterproof, protects it particularly against scratches and mechanical damage caused by impacts, for example. It is therefore particularly suitable for applications that are subject to the aforementioned risks.

In addition to its high resistance to mechanical influences, the GFG Touch is also extremely acid-resistant due to its material and is therefore ideally suited for use in the clinical environment or in areas where cleaning agents or disinfectants are increasingly used.

long service life due to GFG construction

The ULTRA Touch Screen owes its long service life and exceptional robustness not only to its microglass surface, but also to its special construction.

In contrast to conventional resistive touchscreens with polyester surfaces, the sensor of our ULTRA GFG touchscreen is protected by a robust micro-glass surface and a laminated glass back, which significantly increases the lifespan of both the protective glass and the sensor.

The design of our patented ULTRA glass film glass touchscreen thus guarantees an extremely long service life as well as a permanently consistently good and precise operability.

ULTRA Touchscreen robust

For a clear demonstration of how the ULTRA touchscreen works reliably, watch the video below.

ULTRA advantages at a glance

  • scratch resistant (Mohs hardness 6.5)
  • acid-resistant
  • heat-resistant
  • resistant to cleaning agents
  • no damage caused by flying sparks
  • 100% waterproof
  • impact-resistant - vandal-proof

ULTRA is ideally suited for

  • Medical
  • Industrial touch screen
  • Defence
  • Kiosk systems