From prototype to serial production


From prototype to the series

We offer you the complete production range from individual prototype production in a quantity of 1 up to high-volume serial production. As a system supplier, we live and breathe quality management for your maximum success.

Processes Manufacturing


Modern and efficient

Customer-specific production of touch screen complete systems allow easy integration into end applications:

Measuring Manufacturing


Precise measuring by robots

The quality of the seals and adhesive joints are of utmost importance for the operational safety, longevity and robustness of touchscreens. It is important that the seals and adhesive joints meet the specific requirements of the application and the expected environmental conditions. In addition to the selection of suitable sealing and adhesive materials as well as the precision of the order, the manufacturing processes and, associated therewith, a process-reliable and precise measuring out and a constant mixing ratio of the components are crucial for a high-quality connection.

Optical bonding

Optical bonding

Optically transparent bonding

In the optical bonding process, two substrates are bonded bubble-free with an optical adhesive to achieve excellent optics. We can differentiate between two different optical bonding technologies. Dry bonding and wet bonding. Dry bonding uses an optical tape to bond the substrates together. Wet bonding uses Liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA). Depending on the display size and application, the right bonding technology makes sense. We master both processes perfectly and offer you high quality optical bonding at reasonable prices.

Elektronik Fertigung

Effiziente Produktion


Touch sensor glass foil

Laminating the surfaces of touchscreens is a finishing process that offers a wide range of options for optimally aligning a touch screen with the intended application.


Clean room assembly

Reliable and high-quality installation

A large part of our assemblies are either highly visually demanding or very sensitive to mechanical problems. Every impurity costs money and reduces productivity. We attach great importance to a high quality standard, compliance with which ensures the reliability of our high-quality systems.

Dichtungssysteme Manufacturing


Ab Menge 1 Stück

Hochwertige Dichtungssysteme

Unsere Touchscreens werden ausschließlich mit äußerst hochwertigen Dichtungssystemen gefertigt, um die Technik im Inneren über Jahre hinweg zu schützen.

Wir bieten verschiedene Dichtungssysteme an, die entsprechend dem geplanten Anwendungsbereich besten Schutz bieten. Zur Auswahl stehen

Fip Dichtungen Manufacturing

Fip Dichtungen

Muster Kleinserie Massenproduktion

Interelectronix bietet Ihnen eine Auswahl modernster Touchscreen Technologien und legt größten Wert auf die Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit seiner innovativen Produkte.

Dichtungssysteme für Touchscreens stehen im Zentrum der Entwicklung und Fertigung von qualitativ hochwertigen und langlebigen Touchsystemen. Zum Einsatz kommen FIPFG-Dichtungssysteme die besonders zuverlässig abdichten und langfristig resistent gegen Umwelteinflüsse, Staub, Flüsigkeiten und Chemikalien sind.

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Precision in perfection