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Reliable PCAP Touch Screen

Our stock range of standard PCAP touch screens from 7" to 55". For particularly high demands in terms of impact resistance, we offer you our very robust IK10 touch screen. High-quality industrial PCAP touch from the specialists at attractive prices.

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Individual and efficient

Custom touch screens based on industry proven solutions. We offer ready-made solutions with details that can easily be modified to your specifications. You reduce your total cost of ownership and drastically shorten your R&D cycle time.

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Perfectly crafted
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Vision and design
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Customer-specific PCAP

No room for compromises
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Impact-resistant rugged touchscreen

Impactinator® IK10 touchscreens are designed to meet impact resistance with severity level IK10 according to standard EN/IEC 62262. The touchscreen resists 20 joules of impact energy on the IK10 test.

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Touchscreen Technology Comparison

Touch technologies at a glance

There is no touch technology that can be used universally for every application. Every technology has advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully weighed. In order to achieve an optimal compromise, it is important to know and understand all important technologies.

GFG Touchscreen

Proven and reliable resistive

The patented glass-film-glass design renders the ULTRA touch screen waterproof, scratches, impacts and other damage. All this ensures a particularly long service life.

The infrared touch screen (IR touch screen) is a technology that works with optical position detection, making it ideal for use in bright operating conditions and outdoor kiosk installations. It's the only technology that doesn't require glass or substrate for touch detection, resulting in no physical distortion of the touchscreen. The IR touch sensor is based on integrated LEDs in conjunction with phototransistors and works like a light holder.

Touch Screen
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Touch Screen

Car washes