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IK impact resistance

EN 50102

What is the EN 50102 standard?

The EN 50102 standard is the origin of the IEC/EN 62262 standard

The IK Code was originally defined in the European standard EN 50102. After EN 50102 was adopted as the international standard IEC 62262, the EN50102 standard was also renamed EN 62262 in the course of harmonization. The EN 50102 was then no longer maintained. It is often customary for international standards and European standards to be the same in terms of numbers in order to bring some order to the jungle of standards.

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the EN/IEC 62262 standard

Impactinator® Glass - IK10 glass a drop of water in the air
Vandal-proof protective glass

We achieve the reliable IK10 requirement impact resistance with our Impactinator® glass even without a laminated glass construction. For the bullet impact test according to EN/IEC 62262, we achieve values of more than 40 joules for the central impact on 2.8 mm thin glass and exceed the requirements of the EN 60068-2-75 standard by more than 100%.

Touch Screen - What is an IK10 touchscreen? a drop of water falling on a clear surface
Impact-resistant rugged touchscreen

Impactinator® IK10 touchscreens are designed to meet impact resistance with severity level IK10 according to standard EN/IEC 62262. The touchscreen resists 20 joules of impact energy on the IK10 test.

Industrial Monitor - IK10 Monitor Rugged a black tablet with a screen showing blue and yellow paint
Impact resistant according to EN62262

The impact-resistance of our rugged monitors reliably complies with the IEC 60068-2-75 and IEC 62262 standards with IK10 glass or 20 Joule bullet impact. We offer proven standard solutions as well as special extremely impact-resistant and robust monitors tailored to your application.

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Shock resistance IK protection class

Standard EN 62262 specifies the resistance or impact strength of a piece of electrical equipment against external mechanical stress when exposed to special shocks.

BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - What constitutes impact elements that comply with standards a group of metal objects with a black marker
Reproducible results

EN60068-2-75 standard-complying impact elements are the prerequisite for reproducible test results. Here you can find sketches for free download.

BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - What is standard EN/IEC 60068-2-75? a black and white background
Hammer test

Standard EN/IEC 60068 consists of 3 methods for testing the impact resistance of a test object against impacts with different severity levels. It serves to demonstrate the mechanical strength of a product and is intended primarily for the testing of electrical equipment.