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EN IEC 60068-2-75

Hammer impact test bullet drop test

What is standard EN/IEC 60068-2-75?

Hammer test

Standard EN/IEC 60068 consists of 3 methods for testing the impact resistance of a test object against impacts with different severity levels. It serves to demonstrate the mechanical strength of a product and is intended primarily for the testing of electrical equipment. The test consists of a standardised test procedure with a defined number of impacts on the test object with a defined impact energy. Standard IEC 60068-2-75 covers impact energies from 0.14 J to 50 J.

EN 60068-2-75 Dimensions table of impact elements

IK codeIK00IK01IK02IK03IK04IK05IK06IK07IK08IK09IK10IK11
Impact energy (Joule)*
Drop Heigth (mm)*5680140200280400400300200400500
Mass (kg)*
R (mm)*1010101010102525505050
D (mm)*18.518.518.518.518.518.5356080100125
f (mm)*
r (mm)*61017
l (mm)*Must be adapted to the appropriate mass
Swing hammer*YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Spring hammer*YesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Free fall hammer*NoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Specifications from the standard EN 60068-2-75
* not protected according to the standard
1.Polyamide 85 ≤ HRR ≤100 Rockwell hardness according to ISO 2039/2
2.Steel Fe 490-2 acccording to ISO 1052, Rockwell hardness HRE 80...85 according to ISO 6508
EN 60068-2-75 Dimensions table of impact elements BS EN IEC 60068-2-75

How to do an IK test

IK test execution

In the IK test, an impact element is dropped from a well-defined height with a defined weight and shape onto the test site.

BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - EN 60068-2-75 Testaufbau Freifallhammer a drawing of a pipe
Impact element mass M
Acrylic glass pipe
Drop height h
Test object
Base plate

Impact Force Calculator

This online impact force utility calculates interesting values like force of impact, impact speed, deceleration or G-Force of an impact element dropped from a defined height onto a EUT (equipment under test).

Impact Force Calculator


Select units:  
Mass:  kg
Drop Height:  cm
Impact Duration:    sec

Calculated Values

Impact energy:     Joules
Velocity at impact:     m/s
Deceleration:    m/s2
Impact Force:     Newtons
G-Force:    G
BS EN IEC 60068-2-75 - What constitutes impact elements that comply with standards a group of metal objects with a black marker
Reproducible results

EN60068-2-75 standard-complying impact elements are the prerequisite for reproducible test results. Here you can find sketches for free download.

IK impact energy increase

EN 60068-2-75 drop heights

Energy J0,140,20,350,50,7125102050
Total mass kg0,250,250,250,250,250,250,51,75510
Drop height mm ± 1%5680140200280400400300200400500

Impact energy increase IK test

IK classificationImpact energy (J)Energy gain (%)
IK020.2042.86 %
IK030.3575.00 %
IK040.5042.86 %
IK050.7040.00 %
IK061.0042.86 %
IK072.00100.00 %
IK085.00150.00 %
IK0910.00100.00 %
IK1020.00100.00 %
IK1150.00150.00 %