Ensuring quality and reliability

Guaranteed quality

Each touch technology has its own failure mechanisms and is exposed to different environmental influences over the course of its service life. The special competence of Interelectronix is to tailor suitable environmental simulation tests for the loads that occur. These application-specific tests consist of several specific individual tests for the respective touch technology and the specific characteristics of the place of use.

It should be noted that in many cases stress factors do not occur individually, but often have a combined effect. In state-of-the-art laboratories for environmental simulation, tests are carried out according to international standards as well as OEM specifications.

In doing so, the various standards for

  • Tests on electrical/electronic systems in automotive engineering
  • Tests for medical and industrial applications
  • Tests on electronic components for aeronautical engineering
  • Tests on electronic components for railway applications
  • Testing of electronic components for shipbuilding/offshore applications

Respected. The aim of the simulation of environmental impacts is to test and ensure the quality and reliability of technical products. And this over the entire life cycle of a touchscreen.

Through the use of suitable environmental simulation tests already in the development phase, weak points are detected at an early stage, design concepts can be adapted and the development time can be noticeably shortened.