Harmful gas test

Prevent touchscreen failure

In many cases, touchscreens are exposed to aggressive harmful gases that lead to corrosion of the materials used.

The list of air pollutants with which touchscreens can come into contact in outdoor areas is already very extensive.

In industrial applications, on the other hand, considerably more and more aggressive harmful gases occur, which immensely accelerate the wear and tear of the touchscreen surface and can thus lead to premature failure of a touchscreen.

Reduce harmful gas impairments

By choosing the right pollutant-resistant materials, premature corrosion can be avoided well.

Corrosive gas test for corrosion protection testing

Interelectronix offers numerous surface finishes that are ideal for applications with increased pollutant loads.

Particularly noteworthy is our patented glass film glass technology, the ULTRA touch screen, with which we achieve first-class results in corrosive gas tests thanks to its robust construction, resistant coatings and the best seals.

Multi-component or single-gas tests

Interelectronix offers the possibility to subject each customer-individually designed touchscreen to various environmental simulations before series production is released.

Pollutant gas tests with single gases

These are particularly suitable for touchscreens that are used in areas that are exposed to special exposure to clearly identifiable gases.

Multi-component corrosive gas testing

This test, on the other hand, is a more universal test that is tuned to four typical harmful gases: NO2, SO2, Cl2, H2S.