Shock vibration tests

Testing the durability of the touchscreens

Interelectronix specialises in the production of particularly vibration-resistant touchscreens.

The high durability of our touchscreens has been proven and certified in various test procedures.

Test methods for shock and vibration loads

Test of resilience

This test method tests the functionality and resistance of the touchscreens to loads caused by oscillations, vibrations and sudden shocks.

In the shock-vibration test carried out by Interelectronix , loads are simulated that can occur according to the planned areas of application.

Particularly important is a high shock and vibration resistance for touchscreens, which can be used in

  • Agricultural machinery and vehicles
  • industrial production facilities -Construction industry
  • Aerospace
  • EX area

is planned.

If your application is exposed to particular shock or vibration in the planned area of application, we will subject your touchscreen to an appropriate shock and vibration test as part of the prototype qualification.

Customer-specific tests according to current standards

Our focus is on the customer-specific production of extremely resistant touchscreens. In the development of customer-specific touchscreens, this requires individual adaptation of materials, installation and refinements to the conditions of the planned operating environment.

If required, Interelectronix also offers certification of the touchscreens according to individual test procedures or common standards.

  • DIN EN 60068-2-64 /-6 /-29
  • MIL-STD 810 G
  • RTCA DO 160 E
  • DIN EN 2591-403 (Aerospace)

Our touchscreens, which are used in the aerospace industry, are subject to special tests. Shock and vibration tests are carried out on an oscillating table, which simulate the mechanical stresses to which aircraft are exposed during their use in the flight profile. These include vibrations that occur in engines, as well as shocks and shocks that occur during take-off and landing.