Embedded PCs for everyday medical use
Embedded Systems

If you take it literally, an embedded PC is an embedded system, a small compact computer without the typical user interface, without input devices or monitors. It takes over predefined tasks for monitoring or controlling special functions. In medical devices, these can be, for example:


  • Measurement data monitoring -Monitoring
  • Laboratory and analytical technology


The most important task is usually an automated control and regulation of defined processes. In case of deviations from the procedure, the user is informed.


Due to the small scope, the devices can be operated with minimalist equipment. Fanless and also without a hard drive. This makes them interesting for many applications, regardless of the medical field. Especially if it would not be possible to run a normal PC due to the temperature. Or if the noise level requires quiet working. In order for them to be used flexibly, a correspondingly simple installation option is required.