Touch solutions for medical applications

Reliable touchscreens for medical applications

Hospitals and medical practices are increasingly using instruments and devices with integrated touchscreens. Especially in medicine, simple, fast and particularly precise handling of devices is important.

Touchscreens for doctors, nurses and patients

Touchscreens are used in a wide range of applications in the field of medical care. Doctors and nurses have faster access to patient data through touchscreens and the handling of complex medical instruments and devices is simplified and more efficient by touch technology. This saves medical staff a significant amount of time, which has a positive effect on patient care.

Touchscreens can now also be found in hospital rooms for easy operation of telephones, television and other patient services directly at the bedside. Touch-based applications are also very easy to use for older people, as intuitive use does not require any technical knowledge. For the sake of simplicity, you can also often find kiosks in the entrance area of hospitals, for example for topping up phone credit.

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Interelectronix looks back on many years of experience as a supplier of high-quality, specially tailored touchscreen solutions for the medical industry. Using our patented ULTRA technology, we are able to individually develop touchscreens whose reliability doctors and nurses can rely on.

Chemical and moisture-resistant microglass surface

The borosilicate glass surface of the ULTRA touchscreens is extremely robust and insensitive. Instruments and equipment in the medical field must be cleaned and disinfected frequently. The microglass surface of the screen is completely insensitive to all disinfectants, cleaning agents and other chemicals. No matter how often disinfectants are varied, and even years of contact with chemicals leave no traces on the resistant surface of the touchscreen. After all, the touchscreen is intended to facilitate patient care workflows, so it is important that you do not have to take special care and that liquids, ultrasound gel or any other substance on your hands do not damage our ULTRA touch screen.

Universal operation of the touchscreen even with a glove or pen

Another important criterion for touchscreens in the medical field is that they can be operated universally with gloves, bare fingers or a pen. The pressure-based ULTRA technology makes this possible. If necessary, our touchscreens can also be easily operated with a scalpel or any other object in the hand without scratching - with the advantage that doctors and nurses can concentrate on essential patient care and rely on the functionality of the touchscreen.

Robust, scratch-resistant surface for years of reliability

The microglass surface is so scratch-resistant and robust that even sharp objects do not scratch the screen, nor do moisture, blows or chemicals affect its functionality. This increases the reliability of the ULTRA touchscreen immensely. Many touchscreens are used in hospitals by untrained patients, who are often very careless with the applications available to them.

Interelectronix develops individual touchscreens for a wide range of applications in the medical field, which are completely convincing due to their high resistance, universal operability and reliability. With our ULTRA technology, we combine advantages of resistive touch technologies such as pressure-based universal handling and the chemical and moisture resistance of capacitive technology.