Touch screen

High-Grade Customized Touch Screen Solutions

Interelectronix is your reliable partner for state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of touch screen, touch panel and touch panel controller. We stand for innovative spirit and manufacture individual solutions for exacting clients in all economic sectors at the highest level.

The company, headquartered in Hofolding and founded in 2001, has proven itself in recent years as a reliable and flexible supplier to the industry and is an international market leader in the GFG touch screen sector.

Innovative, Problem-Oriented Solutions

Take advantage of our development competence in order to find individual solutions for your requirements. With innovative competence, our highly qualified pool of engineers is at your disposal from the pre-sale to the after-sale phase.

Interelectronix is constantly endeavoring to find solutions tailored to your particular needs and to ensure your satisfaction with our products. Our many years of experience in the manufacture of state-of-the-art touch technologies for a wide range of industries enables us to find the optimal implementation of your individual requirements.

Prior to their market or production introduction, our high-quality products are tested repeatedly. The high quality standard is ensured in accordance to the current specifications and certifications as per ISO 9001:2000; and also according to your own specific quality standards.

Our innovative, patented technologies set the standards for sustainable touch screens, providing the best quality. Alber David, Inventor of the Glass-Film-Glass Technology

Flexible Production

Be it technically challenging small series or large series for the industry – Interelectronix makes an impression through high flexibility. As a manufacturer with a number of production sites, we are in a position to supply even small quantities of specialized touch screens. Our production facilities are in the regional proximity to our most important markets in Asia, North America and Europe. This way, we can easily implement your requirements with regards to batch size, delivery time and quality.

Just in Time – from Sampling to Serial Production

Interelectronix guarantees reliable and fast delivery, thanks to its own production and an efficient, globally controlled production and logistics system. Its smooth production is ensured by our fast delivery times from samples to series distribution.

Interelectronix considers itself not only as a developer and manufacturer with a broad technical expertise, but also as a first-class service provider in the touch screen technology sector. The intensive consultation and support of our customers, from the accurate development to after-sale adjustments, are a matter of course for us.