Global competition, innovative product ideas, creative product design and increasingly demanding customers represent a major challenge in all industries.

Successful products impress not only with their technical excellence, but above all with their aesthetics and superior usability. Good product design not only gives a product a special shape, but also gives it a quality and brand image at the same time. An anonymous product becomes something unique.

Product design does not only refer to the purely aesthetic aspect of a product, but is an important part of a holistic product conception based on an intelligent implementation of the required functionalities, materials and usability.

Interelectronix understands product design as an integrative process that bundles all areas from product conception, shaping product design and development of an intuitive user interface, technical conception including material selection to manufacturing processes on an innovative product.

Interelectronix specializes in the application-specific development of high-quality and technically sophisticated touch displays, industrial touchscreens and industrial PCs and has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of ready-to-install resistive and capacitive touch systems.

The starting point for many developments is often a creative brainstorming process that not only results in technically innovative products, but also produces touch systems that merge into a unique product through the choice of materials, product design and their individually tailored user interface.

Interelectronix combines innovative technology and market-driven product design, idea and strategy, innovation and creativity into a convincing whole and offers sophisticated and individually designed system solutions.

With this special range of services, Interelectronix is an ideal partner for innovative start-ups as well as companies that are at the beginning of product development and are looking for a high-performance partner who has a high level of competence in the development and production of touch systems and can also develop innovative product design and ergonomically perfect user interfaces.