Mechanical shock tests

Testing on the shaker

The purpose of mechanical shock tests is to test conditions on touchscreens that may occur during transport or subsequent use.

The focus of the test is on a possible deterioration of the properties. The loads are generally higher than expected in real use.

The shock impulse is characterized by the specification of the

  • magnitude of the pulse,
  • nominal duration of the pulse,
  • the number of shocks that occur.

It should be noted that the shape of the pulse is a decisive feature in the test procedure.

Possible forms of shock testing are as follows:

  • half-sinus shock,
  • the triangle shock,
  • sawtooth shock,
  • the trapezoidal shock.

The accelerations that occur during mechanical shock are generally much higher than the accelerations caused by normal vibrations. The impact resistance of the touchscreen is an extremely important factor in many applications.