Glas FEM Analyse Impactinator® Glass


Professional glass development

Development and services for special glass

Professional and reliable

We are specialists in glass solutions and offer you all the important services required for a fast development cycle and reliable series production. We advise you reliably, develop proven glass products and produce prototypes as well as large-scale production.

Our range of services includes:

  • Performing qualifying impact tests
  • Taking over the integration development
  • Adhering to your housing
  • Creating cost-benefit analyses
  • Testing according to your specifications
  • Developing test specifications
  • Advice on materials and technology
  • Offering qualified industrial-grade materials
  • Building prototypes and small-scale production


Our special glass must be professionally installed correctly in order to achieve optimum performance. Please talk to our specialists in the concept phase. This way, you can achieve maximum performance at minimum costs with a particularly short development cycle. Of course, if you do not want to install the glass yourself or would like further processing steps, we will gladly take over these services for you.

Ist kleines Glas robuster als großes Glas

Comparison of glass installation method