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Professional glass development


Our special glass must be professionally installed correctly in order to achieve optimum performance. Please talk to our specialists in the concept phase. This way, you can achieve maximum performance at minimum costs with a particularly short development cycle. Of course, if you do not want to install the glass yourself or would like further processing steps, we will gladly take over these services for you.

Small glass is more robust than large glass

Large glass surfaces are generally more robust, or more precisely, more impact-resistant than small glass surfaces. It is much more challenging to pass an IK test with a small pane of glass than with a large pane of glass.

The reason is simple physics.

The small pane of glass is less likely to deform than a large pane of glass. The angle that glass can bend is the same with the same glass quality, hardening and edge processing. The glass with the longer edge length can deform more at the same deflection angle and can therefore absorb more energy and is therefore more robust.

Comparison of glass installation method