Uncover vulnerabilities

It has been shown that the use of appropriate environmental stress screening procedures leads to a significant reduction in the early failure rate of products.

The use of application-specific environmental stress screening methods is part of the reliability engineering strategy pursued by Interelectronix with the aim of offering particularly high-quality and durable embedded HMI systems.

The core of the ESS - Environmental Stress Screening procedure is to identify finished products for certain stress factors such as

Why Environmental Stress Screening?

Reduce early failures

The use of tailor-made Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) procedures serves to significantly reduce early failures of touch screens. The Environmental Stress Screening procedure is used to identify manufacturing defects that could possibly lead to the failure of a touchscreen at an early stage. As part of the Environmental Stress Screening, every single touchscreen is fully tested.

Specific ESS

Environmental Stress Screening for Touchscreens

The competence of Interelectronix is not only to apply the ESS procedures, which take into account the expected environmental influences and stress factors, but also to apply the test procedures in the right intensity, which are suitable for detecting weak points without damaging the touch screen. The choice of suitable ESS methods depends largely on the touch technology (capacitive touch or resistive touch) as well as on the design of a touch screen.

Selection of the appropriate ESS method

Precise analyses necessary

The selection of the appropriate ESS method and the parameters to be applied requires a precise analysis of the environmental influences that will occur in the future as well as extensive knowledge of the design and manufacture of touch screens.

The QA management of Interelectronix determines the required ESS procedures on the basis of the expected stress factors that arise during transport, storage and the actual application and takes into account possible effects that can emanate from an overall system.