Industrial touch screens

Touch Screens as User Interface in the Industry

Touch-based technology simplifies the user interface between operator and machine. Touch monitors allow faster, easier and clearer operation of industrial applications, making work processes more efficient and requiring shorter training periods for machine operators. Touch screens are used in various applications in the light as well as in the heavy industry.

Industrie Touchscreen

No Downtimes Thanks to Reliable Touch Screens

Interelectronix stands for high reliability and fail-safe operation. Our HMI solutions are extremely durable and robust to exclude downtimes and ensure smooth industrial production. The requirements for the touch screen vary considerably, depending on the various branches of industry. However, due to the long-term experience as supplier for manufacturers of industrial equipment, Interelectronix is able to produce tailor-made touch screen solutions.

Industrial touch screens allow easy, efficient operation and control of machines using just one user interface. Touch screens are integrated into machines and can also be found in industrial computers for data transfer on distributed systems. Whether permanently installed or as a portable device, the reliability of the touch screen is an important link in the industrial production chain.

Scratch-Resistant and Robust ULTRA Touch Screens for Heavy Industry

Particularly in heavy industry, but also in some consumer goods sectors, extremely robust touch screens are required that are operational in harsh environments and can be operated without any specific precautions. Dirt and dust is everywhere. For this reason, the touch screen requires a scratch-resistant and robust surface. While many resistive touch screens scratch easily, thus limiting their function, the patented glass-film-glass (ULTRA) touch screens from Interelectronix offer maximum scratch-resistance and the touch panel continues to function perfectly, even in case of a deep scratch.

Industrial sectors, such as automotive production and many other sectors of the consumer goods industry, usually have clean production areas. However, it is important that the touch screen is very robust and impact-resistant in order to prevent damage caused by tools or other objects inadvertently falling onto the screen, thus safeguarding the continuation of production. Due to their hard borosilicate glass surface, our ULTRA touch screens are very robust and difficult to damage. You can therefore rest assured that such incidents do not lead to a breakdown of the touch screen, resulting in a hindrance of the production.

Radiation-Resistant and User-Friendly Touch Screens

Our ULTRA touch screens are not affected by any interfering radiation from other devices. Due to their high electromagnetic compatibility, they are even used in sensitive defense applications. The flexible operation with bare fingers, gloves or a pen is also an important criterion for industrial touch applications. Whether they are used as a safety precaution when working with high-voltage installations or in sterile environments – gloves often are indispensable in industrial production. Our pressure-based Ultra technology also allows the handling of the touch screen with gloves or pens.

Resistant to Moisture and Chemicals

By using ULTRA technology, Interelectronix develops touch screens that, unlike conventional resistive touch panels, also include advantages of capacitive technology, such as resistance to moisture, extreme temperatures and chemicals, guaranteeing the reliability of the touch screen in largely diverse environments.

The chemical industry and also the food industry rely on the surface of the touch screen being resistant to chemicals. During the production process, the glass surface of the ULTRA touch screens is not affected by direct accidental contact with acids or other chemicals. Even chemical cleaning agents or disinfectants do not attack the surface of the touch screen. This is of major importance to manufacturers of consumer goods. Some industries place even more demands on touch screens, such as resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. ULTRA touch screens are even suitable for the meat processing industry, where steam jets are being used for the cleaning of production areas. The micro-glass surface protects the screen completely against moisture and can not leak over an extended period of time, as may be in the case of polyester (PET) laminations.

ULTRA touch screens by Interelectronix are suitable for fixed installation as user interface of industrial machines or for portable 4-wire applications such as measuring devices or applications for production data acquisition. Interelectronix manufactures ULTRA touch screens according to your specifications and is at your disposal with a high level of developmental competence – even for small batch sizes.

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