Marine engine control
Robust touchscreens for

Thanks to their easy-to-understand, intuitive operation, touchscreens are increasingly being used as control elements for marine engines. Many functions can be operated quickly and precisely in an easy-to-understand manner using clear buttons and good menu navigation.

Rugged ULTRA touchscreens for seafaring

But touchscreens for the control of ship engines have to be very robust in order to be able to cope with the harsh environment. ULTRA touchscreens from Interelectronix are extremely robust and impress with their high reliability. The borosilicate glass used for the surface lamination and the very high-quality seals ensure that the salty air with a high moisture content at sea cannot penetrate the interior of the touch screen even after years and the salt does not wear down the surface.

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Temperature-resistant, shock-resistant and durable technology

Even high temperatures in the engine compartment have no effect on the functionality of the ULTRA touchscreen. Tests show that ULTRA touchscreens are not damaged even in a temperature range of + 70° Celsius.Important More about ULTRA GFG
Chemically resistant
In rough seas, objects in the engine compartment can come loose and hit the ULTRA touchscreen without destroying or even scratching the microglass surface. The robust surface is not only impact- and scratch-resistant, but even vandal-proof, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the ULTRA touchscreen even under adverse conditions.

Insensitive surface

Dry cleaning of the surface of lubricating oils and other stubborn dirt in the engine compartment of a ship is also harmless. ULTRA touchscreens are completely insensitive to chemicals and, of course, completely waterproof. With the patented ULTRA touch screens, Interelectronix can guarantee you years of reliability of the touch screens for marine engine controls.