Surface treatment of touch screens
Touchscreen Information

The selection of the material as well as the surface treatment of a touchscreen application depends mainly on the planned area of application. The touch screen of a public transport kiosk system that is installed outdoors must be treated differently than a touch application inside a travel agency.

The ULTRA touchscreen as well as the PCAP touchscreen from the touchscreen manufacturer Interelectronix is made of microglass and has an extraordinarily resistant surface that can be adapted to the operating conditions in a variety of ways with appropriate treatments.

Surface treatment for every application

There are various methods of anti-reflective coating such as anti-glare (matt display), anti-reflective (anti-reflective), anti-fingerprint or no treatment at all.

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Then, for example, thermal or chemical hardening can be used to influence the resistance of the glass surface. For example, to achieve improved or particularly high scratch resistance, impact resistance, flexural strength or temperature resistance of the display.

Of course, it is also possible to process the edges accordingly by grinding and polishing. Or to create individual shapes and contours. No matter what you choose. In any case, it has an effect on the perceived value of the application.

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