Market forecasts: By 2024, graphene market growth in the USA is expected to increase by 35%
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It was not until 2004 that graphene, a transparent two-dimensional carbon allotrope, was discovered. It is a good conductor of electrical and thermal power and is known to be 200x stronger than steel. Important product properties are, for example, high electron mobility, permeability and heat resistance. Which results in growing use in flexible radio frequency devices, consumer electronics, supercapacitors, sensors, conductive ink, bendable touch screens, and wearables.

Graphene as an ITO substitute

Since increased investments in graphene research worldwide, the market volume of the product has increased sharply (see chart) and is expected to increase further until 2024.

Touchscreen Polycarbonat
Image: U.S. Graphene Market (End User) 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)

Government initiatives and grants of approximately $1.3 billion will continue to drive the global growth of the graphene market. Thus, one can expect further discoveries of innovative products and production technologies in the coming years. More and more private companies in the fields of specialty chemicals, steel, consumer electronics, energy, etc. focus on graphene-based product investments. There are over 2200 Chinese and 1750 American patents based on graphene products. According to a research report by the American company "Global Market Insights", the trend is in the field of sensor technology, transistors, conductive films, etc.

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