IK10 Monitors for Public transport systems trains and buses

Public transport systems, including trains and buses, serve a crucial role in facilitating mobility and connectivity in urban and interurban areas. They cater to a high volume of passengers daily and operate in dynamic environments that can be subject to various forms of wear and tear, misuse, and occasional vandalism. As a result, the durability, safety, and reliability of the equipment used in these environments are of paramount importance. IK10 vandal proof monitors can provide significant advantages in this regard.

Durability and Impact Resistance of IK10 Displays

Public transport vehicles and stations are frequently subjected to heavy usage and potential abuse, including deliberate vandalism. An IK10 rating indicates a high level of protection against mechanical impacts according to the EN 62262 standard. Monitors with this rating are capable of withstanding significant physical impacts without suffering functional impairment. This makes IK10 monitors ideally suited for high-traffic, high-impact environments like public transport, where they may face substantial physical strain.

IK10 Monitor Safety and Security

In addition to their robustness, IK10 monitors are designed to minimize potential injuries if they are damaged. They shatter in a way that reduces the risk of sharp fragments, significantly lowering the chances of harm to passengers or staff. Moreover, their strong construction makes them resistant to tampering, a critical feature in public settings where unauthorized interference with equipment could pose significant risks.

Operational Continuity of Impact resistant Monitors

Public transport systems depend on the continuous operation of their systems for passenger information, ticketing, surveillance, and more. Any interruption in these systems could lead to significant disruption of services and inconvenience for passengers. IK10 monitors, with their enhanced durability and reliability, reduce the likelihood of such failures, ensuring the smooth running of operations.

Cost Effectiveness of IK10 Touch Screens

The initial cost of a IK10 monitor may be higher than a regular monitor but in contrast to the higher upfront cost they offer significant savings in the long term. Given their robustness and longevity, they require fewer repairs and replacements, which can result in substantial maintenance reduction. This is especially important for public transport systems, which often operate under tight budgets and severe staff constraints.

Meet Regulatory Compliance with future proof information systems

In many regions, public transport systems must comply with stringent regulations regarding the safety and durability of the equipment they use. The international standard ISO EN 62262 is mostly used define the impact resistance of public transport kiosk and HMI applications.

IK10 is the second highest level of impact resistance and is frequently used in public tenders. The newest addition to the standard ISO EN62262 is IK11. This level is very new and is slowly making its way into the latest version of self service terminals. IK11 is a significant increase in impact strength. IK10 is 20 Joules and IK11 is 50 Joules.

IK10 monitors, with their high impact resistance and safety features, can help these systems meet or exceed these regulatory standards.

Better Passenger Experience in times of labour shortage

The use of IK10 monitors contributes to a better passenger experience. Reliable information displays and functioning ticketing systems are integral to a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers. By ensuring the reliable operation of these systems, IK10 monitors help to improve the overall passenger experience.

Robust cost effective vandal proof IK10 touch solutions

In summary, the necessity of IK10 vandal proof monitors in public transport extends beyond merely withstanding occasional misuse or vandalism. Their robustness, safety features, reliability, cost-effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and contribution to passenger experience make them an essential component of the modern public transport infrastructure.

Environmental friedly IK10 Monitors

Durable IK10 Monitors last significantly long and do not only safe cost they also contribute to a sustainable resource allocation.

Replacing monitors very often is expensive and produces lots of waste.