HTML 5 Touch Events
Touchscreen applications

Many applications in the medical field are still predominantly designed for control with keyboard and mouse. However, since the use of touch-based devices has become indispensable in everyday life, a rethink is also necessary here. Many new devices in operating theatres or waiting rooms are already equipped with touchscreens and there are numerous developers who specialise in applications in the healthcare sector. The use of HTML 5 touch events, for example, has proven itself in the development of medical applications with touch options.

Improving the user experience

If you control an application with only the keyboard or mouse, as was previously the case, you can only enter one at a time. On the other hand, touch events support multiple inputs at the same time. The great advantage of touch-based applications is the improvement of the user experience and the simplified application by the staff or even patients.

Multi-touch gesture control

The touch event interface supports application-specific single and multi-touch interactions, such as a two-finger gesture. For example, in HTML 5 touch events that are integrated into medical applications, the staff touches the contact surface with a pen. In the meantime, however, another finger can also touch the surface elsewhere and move across the surface. Maybe to start an action. Or to move an object from one position to the final phase, as is often the case with controllers.

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