Graphene research successes from Korea for wearable electronics
Wearable Electronics with Graphene

Once again, a team of researchers from Korea has succeeded in developing multi-touch sensors based on graphene electrodes. A detailed article on the research called "Graphene-Based Three-Dimensional Capacitive Touch Sensor for Wearable Electronics" can be found in the July issue of ACS Nano.

Graphen Forschung

Multi-touch capability

The special feature of the Korean research is that the graphene electrodes for multi-touch and 3D sensors are able to function even on severely deformed surfaces. Which, in turn, provides a large number of additional uses. In a concrete example, this means that the transparent, thin, stretchable sensors are implemented on human body parts such as the forearm, palm or back of the hand, thus obtaining a multi-touch-capable surface that can be controlled with the finger (directly and indirectly).

15% extensibility

The elongation of the graphene-based touch sensors is approx. 15%. In addition, non-contact contact is also possible (22 dB SNR at a distance of 7 cm). The complete research report can be purchased at the URL in our reference.