GFG Touch Screen
Robust glass-film-glass touch screen

The patented glass-film-glass design provides the ULTRA touch screen with its unique resistance. The outer micro glass layer renders the ULTRA GFG touch screen fully waterproof and optimally prevents scratches as well as other damage, such as impacts or vandalism. It is also acid-resistant, offers maximum protection against flying sparks and is resistant to cleaning agents, such as disinfectants in clinical use. It never fails to function reliably, since it reacts – as all resistive touch systems – to the touch of a finger, thick gloves or any other object. All this ensures our patented ULTRA glass-film-glass touch screen an extremely long service life. A vivid demonstration of the reliable functionality of the ULTRA touch screen can be found here in this video.

ULTRA Robust Touch Screen

ULTRA Advantageous

  • Scratch-resistant (Mohs' hardness of 6.5)
  • Acid-resistant
  • Resistant to cleaning agents
  • No damage from flying sparks
  • 100% waterproof
  • Impact-resistant

Extremely durable

The ULTRA touch screen is particularly suited for industrial sectors that are looking for durability, where complete reliability is required and where the touch is operated with a variety of devices.

ULTRA is ideally suited for

  • Medical technology
  • Industry
  • Defense technology
  • Kiosks