Haltbare Dichtungen

High-quality sealing systems

Our touchscreens are manufactured exclusively with extremely high-quality sealing systems to protect the technology inside for years to come.

We offer various sealing systems that offer the best protection according to the planned area of application. You can choose from

  • urethane - foam gaskets,
  • Poron gaskets or
  • Seals according to protection class IP69K.
Seals that comply with protection class IP69K are particularly resistant to the effects of dust, foreign bodies, chemicals, steam or water (even with high-pressure cleaning).

##Dichtungssysteme for every application environment


For applications in clean indoor areas that are not exposed to particular risks such as water, chemicals or dust, a gasket made of fine-pored urethane foam provides sufficient protection.

For portable applications, POI and POS devices or touch systems that are occasionally exposed to cleaning agents, moisture or rain, we recommend seals made of neoprene sponges or poron foam.

Poron gaskets are a mixture of polyester and polyether, which have a very smooth surface, which means that no dirt can be deposited in the seal.

Special Poron sealing systems, which are available in different qualities and tightnesses, are also suitable for harsh indoor applications.

Special requirements regarding shock absorption, heat or flammability can be taken into account by suitable material composition of the poron foam.


For outdoor touchscreen applications, we typically use silicone-based sealing systems, either as silicone foam or silicone sponge. Silicone seals are particularly resistant

  • against wetness,
  • Extreme temperatures
  • as well as UV and ozone pollution.
Silicone seals also have a high mechanical load capacity and are at the same time extremely durable.

With the variety of sealing systems, Interelectronix can optimally adapt any touchscreen to the operating environment and design a reliable and durable product.