Safety for explosion protection

The use of electrical equipment in potentially explosive environments (hazardous areas) is subject to strict requirements, which the Impactinator® touch screens from Interelectronix for Zone 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust) fully meet. They can be operated with a finger, glove or pen, are absolutely reliable and durable thanks to Impactinator® technology, yet very robust, i.e. chemically resistant, impact and scratch resistant and tested for extreme temperatures from -40°C to +80° C. Explosion protection is the reaction of flammable gases, vapours or dusts with the oxygen in the air.

The explosion is the sudden oxidation or decay reaction that produces an increase in temperature and/or pressure. Explosion hazards must be considered not only in the chemical industry and mining, but also in many areas of the processing industry.

Touchscreens im Bereich Explosionsschutz

Applications for industry and hazardous areas Zone 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust):

  • Ex-Remote PC terminals
  • Ex-Panel PCs for process visualization
  • Ex operating devices in process automation
  • Ex video and camera surveillance systems
  • Ex-dosing scales

Touch applications in hazardous areas

As elsewhere in industrial environments, machine controls, process visualization and process automation devices controlled by touchscreens are used in hazardous areas. This has a number of advantages, as it simplifies the human-machine interface and eliminates the need for additional input devices such as keyboards or mice. Within the hazardous areas, for example, remote PC terminals or panel PCs with touch control are used, which are connected to the network in the secure environment. Such touch-controlled systems are also used for video and camera surveillance.

High image brilliance

The Impactinator® touchscreen from Interelectronix is also ideally suited for readability in very bright environments. For this purpose, we use a very high-quality optical laminate. This achieves excellent contrasts and correspondingly good readability of the touchscreen even in direct sunlight. In addition to the durability and ease of use of the Impactinator® touchscreens, we also attach particular importance to meeting the optical requirements and also offer our touchscreens with 1000+ nits display brightness.

"We rely on technologies developed in-house and a highly qualified team of developers in the field of touchscreens. At the locations in Asia and in Bavaria, Germany, we also have the opportunity to adapt the end product individually to customer needs." Christian Kühn, Glass Film Glass Technology Expert

Impact- and scratch-resistant Impactinator touchscreens

Hardly any other industry offers such different environments for a touchscreen as industry. These can be very harsh conditions, ranging from extreme temperatures to shocks and applications in dust and dirt. On the other hand, touch applications are used in cleanroom environments or hazardous areas. Accordingly, the function of the touchscreens must not be impaired by shocks or vibrations, but at the same time they must be absolutely chemically resistant, for example in order to be able to be cleaned with different substances. Interelectronix uses Impactinator® technology to develop very robust and impact-resistant touchscreens that are also extremely difficult to scratch.

While many conventional resistive touchscreens with their polyester surface are easily scratched even by dust and are thus limited in their function, Interelectronix offers the highest impact and scratch resistance with its patented glass film glass touch screens. And even in the event of a deep scratch, the ULTRA touch panel continues to work perfectly. Our ULTRA touch screens are equipped with an extremely hard borosilicate glass surface. This gives you the certainty that even falling tools will not harm the touchscreen and that such incidents will not jeopardize production.

EX Touchscreen für Lastwagen

EMC compatible and impervious to moisture

Interelectronix develops touchscreens using Impactinator® technology, which, unlike conventional capacitive technology, includes insensitivity to moisture, extreme temperatures and chemicals. This allows us to guarantee the reliability of the touchscreen in a wide variety of environments. Even possible interference radiation from other devices does not hinder our Impactinator® touchscreens, because they have such a high EMC compatibility that they can even be used for sensitive defense technology.