SID Display Week 2011 Los Angeles
Touchscreen Fair

SID Display Week in Los Angeles is THE trade fair for new displays, materials and touchscreen technologies. 300+ dpi resolution is the big trend in displays Toshiba introduced a 4" display with 367 dpi ( pixels per inch ). An absolutely impressive experience this display. It is no longer possible to detect individual pixels. It looks like glowing printed paper.

Glass has long ceased to be a rigid, brittle material

Glass is becoming more and more impressive mechanical and optical features Glass is actually only known as a rigid and brittle material. These properties have been continuously improved and so glasses on the roll were shown at SID 2011. Glass material in 0.1mm - 0.2mm thickness that was wound onto a huge drum. The dragon competes with the gorilla Asahi's Dragon Trail Glass competes with the Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass is a brand name from Corning for a particularly robust glass. Asahi is a Japanese specialty glass manufacturer that has unveiled its new Dragon Trail glass with similar properties. Last year, Asahi had already announced the Dragon Trail glass, but it will really be available from this year.

Display Week 2011 Corning Touchscreen Glas Hersteller
Digital signage becomes transparent
Durchsichtige TFT Monitore