Rollable 60 inch Ultra HD display from LG until 2017
New products at the trade fair

LG Electronics, a leading global manufacturer of consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, announced in mid-2014 that it wants to set new standards in the field of Ultra HD-capable flexible TV screens. The company is very confident about a planned production line of 60 inch (152cm) rollable TV panels by 2017.

Rollable ULTRA HD capable TV screen prototype

The company went public with the planned innovation at the last CES event. The following video shows the prototype in detail. The presented TV panel has a resolution of 1,200 x 810 pixels and can be rolled up to the size of a cylinder with a diameter of 3 cm.

According to LG, this is possible through the use of a high-molecular-weight substance-based polyimide film, which is used as a so-called "backplane" instead of plastic.

The second panel is transparent and is expected to significantly outperform previously used models in terms of significant reduction in blurry images and a 30% increase in screen permeability.


LG Electronics manufactures intuitive, energy-saving and innovative consumer electronics that set new standards in terms of efficiency, design and environmental friendliness. A possible application for this type of screen can be imagined, for example, in the area of trade fair presentations. Where large, roll-up screens would be easier to transport than conventional models.