Japanese company presents new touchscreen innovation with foldable tablet
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Just last week, we reported on the research results of CLS (Canadian Light Source) in Saskatoon on graphene in a block article. The results gave hope that it will soon be possible to produce foldable graphene-based electronic devices.

News from the Display Innovation Show 2014

The company Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) has already put the vision of foldable displays into practice, which could be read in the last few days in various reports on the "Display Innovation Show 2014" on the net.

Foldable touch display with 1080 x 1920 pixels

With the AMOLED "Foldable Display", the Japanese company has developed an 8.7-inch display with 1080 x 1920 pixels or 254 ppi, which can be bent with a radius of two to four millimeters. The touch screen, the size of a tablet, can be folded to a third of its size. The following video shows this very nicely.

The AMOLED tablet uses an aligned C-axis oxide semiconductor (CAAC = C-axis aligned crystal) for its rear panel. The gate driver is formed on a substrate, and the source driver is realized by a COF (chip on film). We are curious to see what applications with this technology will come onto the market in the near future and will also continue to deal with this topic.