BMW presents the operating concept of the future
Novel operating concepts

Every year, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) takes place in Las Vegas. The next trade fair is scheduled for 5 to 8 January 2017. Once again, well-known car manufacturers will be represented to present their developments of the future. The Bavarian carmaker BMW has announced an innovative invention. The operating concept of the future called HoloActive Touchscreen, which is part of the "BMW i Inside Future" interior study.

Freely configurable head-up display

The free-floating head-up display and gesture control give a first impression of new operating concepts for automotive vehicles using a touchscreen.

This innovative interface of the HoloActive Touch reacts like a virtual touchscreen. Thanks to the clever use of reflections, the display appears to float freely in the interior of the vehicle. The driver sees it at the level of the center console next to the steering wheel. Using a camera, the display detects the driver's hand movements. First of all, it registers the movement and position of the fingertips. As soon as they come into "contact" with the virtual touchscreen, a corresponding function is activated.

Outlook for the future

As early as the beginning of 2000, the BMW Group began research work on highly automated driving and continues to present developments that increase driving comfort, safety and efficiency. The HoloActive touchscreen is just a new achievement of the new era of mobility.