ULTRA vs Resistive
Touchscreen Technologie Vergleich

The patented, resistive ULTRA touchscreen with GFG design from Interelectronix offers numerous advantages over resistive touchscreens with PET surface.

An important distinguishing feature and advantage is the glass surface, which makes the ULTRA touchscreen much more robust than a normal resistive touchscreen with PET surface.

The specific physical advantages of the microglass used increase the service life of a GFG Ultra Touch many times over compared to a normal touchscreen with a PET surface.

With an endurance test, we were able to prove that Interelectronix 's patented GFG ULTRA touchscreens can easily withstand 250 million touches per point without any impairment.

In addition to a longer service life and robustness, the micro-glass surface used in the GFG construction also leads to significantly better temperature resistance and chemical resistance.


The following technology comparison shows all the advantages of our patented ULTRA touch screen compared to a normal touch screen equipped with a PET surface.|| ULTRA| Resistive| |----|----|----| | Surface| Glass| Polyester | Input Method| Finger, Glove, Stylus| Finger, Glove, Stylus| | Actuation Force| Maximum 80 grams| Maximum 60 grams | Actuation accuracy|1.0% of diagonal|1.0% of diagonal| | Touch lifetime|250 million touches per point|60 million touches per point| | Stylus/Pen Resistor| Due to a harder surface, the ITO layer is less susceptible to breaking through pins| ITO layer can become brittle due to pins| | Surface hardness|6.5 Mohs|3H| | Wear and tear of the surface| Glass surface survives the life of the sensor without wear and tear| Wear and tear of the surface leads to a milky appearance| | Pillowing/Puffiness| Harder surface reduces the chance of bloating/pillowing| Can occur at temperature, humidity or extreme altitudes| | Transmissivity|> 80%|> 80%| | Environment and Operational Wrapping| Extended operating range thanks to harder surface and pillowing resistance|-10°C to +55°C| | Abrasion resistance| Can survive deep scratches and furrows| Resists light scratches| | Moisture and moisture resistance| Glass surface insensitive to moisture| Moisture can penetrate polyester over a long period of time and lead to oxidation, or short and wrong touches| | Chemical resistance| Resists all chemicals that do not attack glass| Medium, wears off especially after a long time| | Fire Resistance| Can survive open flames and flying sparks for shorter periods of time| Non-resistant| | Height Resistance| Operation up to an altitude of approx. 4250 meters| Operation up to an altitude of approx. 3000 meters| | Warranty|5 years|3 years|