Kugelfalltest überprüft Widerstandsfestigkeit

Ball drop test for robust touchscreens

The impact resistance of the touchscreen is an extremely important factor in many applications.

Especially in the industrial environment, a lot of emphasis is placed on extra robust touch panels. Here, the risk of damage is extremely high and failures mean considerable costs, often due to a production standstill.

Requirement-specific ball drop tests

In order to demonstrate the high quality of our touchscreens to our customers, Interelectronix carries out ball drop tests that prove the special robustness of our products. The aim of these tests is to simulate a real working environment in which objects can fall onto a touch screen.

In the course of the test procedure, the penetration resistance and flexibility of the surface coatings are tested.

Depending on requirements, further tests can be carried out in accordance with the following standards:

  • DIN/ISO 6272-2 for the verification of indirect impact deepening
  • ISO 6272-1 for direct impact deepening test.

Test results Bullet drop tests

  • ULTRA 7''
  • ULTRA 15''

Very robust glass surfaces

The prototype to be tested is attached to a frame with the help of a foam gasket. A steel ball with a diameter of 2'' and a weight of 0.509 kg is dropped onto the touch screen from different heights.

This is used to measure the force required to cause the touchscreen in question to burst.

Ball drop tests have shown that the borosilicate glass surface used by Interelectronix as standard can withstand a force of 5.74 joules even without further reinforcement or hardening.

By using thicker, untreated glass variants, a significant increase in resistance of around 22% can be achieved. With special methods of chemical hardening of the glass surface, on the other hand, the resistance can even be doubled.

Here you can take a look at exemplary ball drop tests on our patented ULTRA touch screens. Learn More