Touchscreen Glas
Widerstandsfähige Glasarten

Both the patented ULTRA touch screen and the PCAP touch screen from Interelectronix have an exceptionally resistant surface thanks to the use of microglass.

First-class manufacturing technology for glass surfaces

Our touchscreen glass front panels are subjected to intensive edge processing by hemming, grinding and polishing. Precise, CNC-controlled waterjet holes allow the implementation of mechanical emergency switches and other holes of the glass surface if desired.

The glass surface of the resistive GFG or projected capacitive touchscreens can be manufactured in different thicknesses and finishes to achieve the best optical results, compatibility values and maximum resistance.

Surface treatment of the front glass

We offer various methods of glass anti-reflective coating to keep light reflection as low as possible both indoors and outdoors

With thermal or chemical hardening processes, we can significantly increase the degree of hardening of the glass surface of a touch screen in order to optimally arm the panel against mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses.

In order to customize the glass front panel of touchscreens, we also offer a variety of printing options that offer room for creativity.